“Good. Fast. Cheap. You can have 2 but not all 3.” A couple people have told me that recently. One of the challenges we face as LT11 producing highlight reels for events: producing quality on a quick turn around/tight deadline. Its essential to get the highlights out ASAP once an event is over. Otherwise, no one cares about old news. How do we tackle that problem?
Well, creativity comes from limits and we try build workflows that allow us to increase production value within a tight deadline. I recorded a tutorial that talks about this issue a bit and how we have met these challenges on some recent projects. I also do my best to show you how I made the titles for the IFSC Lead World Cup in Boulder, CO highlight reel as a more detailed example of how you can build animations and figure out ways to make them more turn key. As always, any constructive feedback is appreciated!

If you haven’t seen the highlights from the World Cup, check it out: