I actually want to call this preset “Blinking Cursor Type On Effect” but doesn’t that seem a bit much? Oh well, I don’t know what to call it but its free! I’m giving it away! Download the project file (may need to right click to save, project and preset AE version CS5) and watch the video to learn how to use it! Its really easy to use. The animation itself wasn’t that complicated once I figured out the best way to do it. It just wasn’t immediately apparent to me. The tricky part was actually creating the preset–making it turn key to the point it would make sense giving it away. This is my first time making a preset for anything I learned a good bit tackling this problem/project. I’d love any feedback on it as well. Also, right at the time I was working on this I came across a post on Motionworks about the powerful features of the advanced text engine inside After Effects. Check that out too!

UPDATE: BRODZELi tiped me off to this: http://www.ayatoweb.com/ae_tips_e/ae14_e.html haven’t tried it but it appears to be very similar and might be quite useful or even better!