While working on the event trailer for the Unified Bouldering Championships Pro Tour Stop #2 in Central Park, NYC, I figured out a split screen technique that I really liked. Its very basic and anybody who is remotely familiar with After Effects may scoff at my primitive efforts to make a tut but I am learning :) Its one thing to be able to pull this stuff off but another entirely to be able to teach others via recording a video and talking into your computer.  As time goes on I’ll get better and start doing more advanced and magical tutorials. Even Andrew Kramer started off with the basics . . . :P I would love to get any feedback on this as it is my first one and I would love to know what I can do better. I already figured out A LOT just watching this back. I tried to include a lot of other workflow tips and share some thoughts as well. Check it out!

You can see the event trailer below and see examples of how we used this technique in action.

So what do you think?